Dodos – Free Exhibition

Learn about new discoveries that have been made from these old bones, in a free family exhibition.
Explorers discovered the dodos in Mauritius in the late 1500s. In just 90 years dodos were extinct. But recently scientists have been making new discoveries about the lives of these mysterious birds.
See one of the few dodo skeletons in the world and take a close look at the first published illustration of the dodo, created more than 400 years ago. Try your hand at illustrating a bird, dig for dodo bones in a mini excavation site, and explore a 3D digital dodo.
Discover some of the other creatures that disappeared from the dodo’s habitat, through the work of artist and palaeontologist Julian Pender Hume.
The exhibition also includes some of the most perfectly preserved dodo bones in the world, on loan from Hampshire Cultural Trust.

Times: All day, Mon-Sat drop-in between 10:00-17:00
Sunday 14.00-17.00

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